Teaching Assistant

Spring 2016 & 2017

Gender and Applied Economics, Lena Edlund (Undergraduate Econ) 

Fall 2016

Microeconomics and Policy Analysis, Dong Guo (Graduate Public Policy) 

Summer 2016

Introductory Statistics, Doru Cojoc (Graduate Public Policy)

Fall 2015

Research Methods in Public Management & Policy, Dong Guo (Graduate Public Policy) 

Spring 2015

Challenges of Sustainable Development, Jeffrey Sachs (Undergraduate SusDev) 

Fall 2014

Science for Sustainable Development, John Mutter and Kevin Griffin (Undergraduate SusDev) 


Grader & Tutor

Fall 2017

Microeconomics and Public Policy, Geoffrey Jehle (Graduate Public Policy)

Spring 2016

Introduction to Development Economics, Anja Tolonen (Undergraduate Econ)

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