Peer-Reviewed Publications

with S. Patnaik, S. Jha, S. Agrawal, C. Gould, J. Urpelainen. Nature Energy, 2022.

with T. Carleton, M. Delgado, M. Greenstone, T. Houser, S. Hsiang, A. Hultgren, A. Jina, R. Kopp, K. McCuster, I. Nath, J. Rising, A. Rode, H. K. Seo,  J. Simcock, A. Viaene, J. Yuan. NBER Working Paper #27599, July 2020. 

Forthcoming, The Quarterly Journal of Economics

with Johannes Urpelainen. The Journal of Politics, 2022.

with Dong Guo and Anyi Wang. Journal of Environmental Management, May 2020. 

Working Papers

Global Dam Tracker: A Database of More Than 35,000 Dams with Location, Catchment, and Attribute Information

with Xinyi Gu


Variability in the Household Use of Cooking Fuels: The Importance of Dishes Cooked, Non-Cooking End Uses, and Seasonality in Understanding Fuel Stacking in Rural and Urban Slum Communities in Six North Indian States

with C. Gould, S. Jha, S. Patnaik, S. Agrawal, S. Saluja, V. Nandan, J. Urpelainen

Conditionally Accepted, World Development

Selected Work in Progress

Natural Disasters and Homeowner Mobility in the United States

Anticipation or Adaptation: Household Response to Extreme Events in the United States

with Tom Bearpark and Michael Oppenheimer ​

Other Publications

The Journal of Politics Blog, May 2022

Phenomenal World, Blog of the Jain Family Institute, November 2019

with Johannes Urpelainen (Johns Hopkins SAIS) and Wolfram Schlenker (Columbia SIPA), Center on Global Energy Policy, November 2018

with Yao Lu (Columbia Sociology), Edward Elgar Publishing, December 2016