Published Papers

with Dong Guo and Anyi Wang. Journal of Environmental Management, May 2020. 

Working Papers

Electoral Backlash or Positive Reinforcement? Wind Power and Congressional Elections in the United States

with Johannes Urpelainen 

Conditionally Accepted, The Journal of Politics

with T. Carleton, M. Delgado, M. Greenstone, T. Houser, S. Hsiang, A. Hultgren, A. Jina, R. Kopp, K. McCuster, I. Nath, J. Rising, A. Rode, H. K. Seo,  J. Simcock, A. Viaene, J. Yuan. NBER Working Paper #27599, July 2020. 

Under Review

Evidence of Multi-Dimensional Gender Inequality in Energy Services from a Large-Scale Household Survey in India

with S. Patnaik, S. Jha, S. Agrawal, C. Gould, J. Urpelainen

Under Review

Selected Work in Progress

Natural Disasters and Homeowner Mobility in the United States

with Michael Oppenheimer

Dam-Induced Global Surface Water Dynamics: Introducing the Global Dam Tracker

with Xinyi Gu

Natural Disasters and Consumer Behavior

with Tom Bearpark

Other Publications

with Johannes Urpelainen (Johns Hopkins SAIS) and Wolfram Schlenker (Columbia SIPA), Center on Global Energy Policy, November 2018

with Yao Lu (Columbia Sociology), Edward Elgar Publishing, December 2016